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11 X 15 Reform Now August 20 Action

posted Aug 6, 2014, 3:09 PM by Sophia Webmaster

Our campaign is gaining great momentum. We’re receiving broad media coverage for our first Reform Now Brief and our letters to Governor Walker and to Corrections Secretary Ed Wall.

Our next important action will be in Milwaukee, focusing on Revocations and GPS Monitoring:
Wednesday, August 20
9:30 am – 1:00 pm
St. Benedict the Moor Catholic Church, 1015 N. 9th Street, Milwaukee
Use the parking structure on 9th and State
Check our
website for details.

Revocation refers to people being sent back to prison after they have been released on parole supervision.  The vast majority have not committed a new crime.  Rather, they have failed to comply with all the rules of their supervision. This can mean anything from having failed a drug test to missing meetings with their parole officer. Every year, 4,000 of the 12,000 people entering our prisons are people being returned to prison because of these technical violations.

GPS monitoring is used with a lot of people under supervision. The problem with GPS monitoring is that the system often fails.  When it does, the person with the bracelet is assumed to have done something wrong and is taken into custody (missing work, etc.) until they discover that the problem was with the GPS system.  This happens to people regularly.

The August 20 Action will be the second in the "Reform Now" series.  As part of the 11x15 Campaign, we are highlighting areas that the state can and must reform immediately, both to reduce the prison population and to give people a chance to succeed.  

The four areas are: 
Old Law Prisoners and Parole 
Revocations and GPS
Solitary Confinement/Torture
Compassionate Release

Together, these are four huge things that the Governor and the Department of Corrections can and should fix immediately.  Each is a sign of a bureaucracy that is out of control and unaccountable.  We are lifting the issues up one at a time, but the bigger point is that we need to completely overhaul our Corrections System in this state.

It has become apparent that we are among the few people or groups that can bring these injustices to the light of day by our presence and our insistence. Join us!

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