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Report on a Successful Drivers' Card Action

posted Jul 30, 2015, 2:12 PM by Sophia Webmaster
Over 200 WISDOM Leaders and others participated in a rally/action last week in Racine calling for Drivers' Cards for undocumented immigrants.  Our RIC leaders, led by Linda Boyle, Pastor Jhon Freddy Correa, Rev. Michael Mueller and many others, put together a strong program.  Besides a very good presence of people from Racine, we also had WISDOM members from MICAH, CUSH, JOB, ESTHER, RUTH, JOSHUA, JONAH and NAOMI in attendance.  Because the host church couldn't hold the huge crowd, the event had to be re-located outside. 

We had EXPO members, transit advocates and others telling the crowd why it is important for all of us to stand together and not get isolated into our issue silos.  Jane Braam, Chair of SOPHIA’s Transit Task Force said, “Our transit work has brought home how important it is to be able to move around the community freely.  We stand in support of the Drivers’ Card issue.”  RUTH President Nancy Slattery reported the support of the Farmers’ Union.  MICAH’s William Harrell talked about why he and other EXPO leaders are working on this issue.  And Ericka Short of the CUSH gave a moving testimony of solidarity on behalf of people with disabilities.

Especially moving were the personal stories of Norys Piña from ESTHER and Adrian Gonzales, SOPHIA.  The evening was a clear expression of WISDOM’s belief that what affects one of us, effects all of us!  As we say in our Prophetic Declaration, “we are tied in a single garment of destiny”.

The highlight of the evening came when State Representative JoCasta Zamarripa pledged to introduce legislation for drivers' cards on August 5.  Racine Mayor John Dickert then pledged the support of Wisconsin’s mayors' association. 

The WISDOM Immigration Task Force will soon give us strategy for ways we can all support this effort. In the meantime, check our
website for photos from the event and for WISDOM’s Fact Sheet on Drivers’ Cards.