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Take Action TODAY Against Anti-immigrant Legislation

posted Feb 15, 2016, 10:57 AM by Sophia Webmaster

Take action today to stand with Wisconsin's immigrants and Latinos and against racist, anti-immigrant legislation being pushed through our legislature!  The Assembly will be voting on each, tomorrow, Tuesday.

Contact your legislators and voice your opposition to...

  • AB450/SB369, which would encourage police to ask people who have been charged with a crime about their immigration status, require local agencies to cooperate with ICE.  This bill could lead to race based policing and will instill fear in our immigrant communities that the police could deport them at any time.
  • AB723/SB533, which would prohibit local municipalities from providing local ID cards for undocumented people and those who lack the documents to obtain state IDs. This bill attacks many of our most vulnerable community members and deprives them of the basic ability to identify themselves to police, healthcare providers, banks, courts and other institutions.

Both pieces of legislation further marginalize our immigrant communities and erode local control. Both are also being advanced in the State Senate. Take a moment to call your email your legislators now!  Find their contact info 

It is time to stand with our immigrant brothers and sisters. Beyond contacting our legislators we must support el Dia Sin Latinos/The Day Without Latinos onThursday, February 18. You can help by:

  • joining the rally at the capitol in Madison at 10:00 a.m.
  • writing a letter to the editor detailing the importance of Latinos in your life and community or voicing opposition to anti-immigrant policy

Contact your legislators now and show Wisconsin how much you value our immigrant communities.