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Thanks for a great Madison Action Day!

posted May 1, 2015, 6:46 AM by Sophia Webmaster

Thanks to the many, many of you who made Wednesday a great day in Madison.  I talked with several people who came from outside to be with us (including the various groups making documentaries), and with several first-timers from WISDOM groups.  Every one of them was struck by the energy, the diversity, and the passionate commitment of our people.

We’re proud and happy about our Madison Action Day!  Over 800 people met, prayed, marched, and spent the afternoon in the state capital. With our People of Faith United for Justice partners, we are constituents of 30 of Wisconsin’s 33 State Senate districts:  we visited legislators or staff members of each of them. We talked about our 11x15 criminal justice campaign, passing driver’s cards for the undocumented and supporting transit statewide. You can find the talking points for these issues on our website, prayforjusticeinwi.org.  Keep checking there for photos and more follow-up on the event.

Click here for further press coverage of the day, and a gallery of photos.

It was a great day!  We need a lot of great days to achieve our goals for social change in Wisconsin!  You can support our efforts by sending a financial contribution, electronically here, or to our office:  WISDOM, 3195 S. Superior Street, Milwaukee, WI  53207.

As we chanted during our procession around the capital building: