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WISDOM Builds Bus Riders Campaign

posted Nov 20, 2015, 6:22 PM by Sophia Webmaster
On Saturday, November 14th more than twenty WISDOM Transit leaders, half of them bus riders, gathered to begin planning a powerful transit restoration campaign in Wisconsin. Participants came from MICAH, SOPHIA, ESTHER, JOSHUA, and NAOMI. Leaders from RIC and CUSH had every intention of being there, but one of the leaders got sick and couldn't drive the group.  A new person from Sun Prairie also joined with an interest in bringing riders to the table from that area of the state.

Together the group made a strong commitment to engage bus riders in each of the communities represented.  Leaders who do not normally use public transportation committed to get on buses to listen and to invite transit riders to be at the table.  The voices of regular bus riders need to be heard when decisions are being made that effect their lives.There is strong interest in developing a statewide transit riders group in WISDOM, similar to EXPO.

Next steps include collecting stories of transit riders which will be published in a booklet so we can present a clear picture of who rides the bus, why they ride it, and why access to transportation matters so much.  The booklet will be shared around the state, and will be ready for a WISDOM-wide transit equity summit in late spring/early summer. We will develop a statewide campaign complete with a clear message, presentation materials, buttons, and presence on the WISDOM website.

To stay connected, we will resume our monthly Transit conference calls on each fourth Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm beginning January 28th.

This meeting marks a huge shift in our transportation work within WISDOM. Everyone was encouraged by the voices of transit riders around the table and the collective commitment of building our local task forces by engaging the people who are effected the most! 

For more information, or to learn how to get involved, contact the WISDOM office, 414-831-2070 or wisdomforjustice@gmail.com