Candidate Forum - 97th Assembly District

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Candidate Forum for 97th Assembly District

On August 26th, 2008, about 60 citizens from Waukesha city and town gathered at St. Luke's Lutheran Church in Waukesha to hear Ruth Page Jones and Steve Schmuki answer questions related to Social Justice in a Public Candidate Forum sponsored by SOPHIA.  Bill Kramer, the incumbent, was invited, but declined to attend.  The forum was held prior to the Sept. 9th Democratic primary.

The candidates shared their views through thoughtful answers to prepared questions on public education funding, rights of children of immigrants, funding for cost-effective programs for treatment alternatives to incarceration (for non-violent substance abusers), and health care reform.  Many additional questions came from audience participants, either expanding on a previous question, or introducing a new topic.  Several questions related to the environment.

Both candidates committed to maintaining a relationship with SOPHIA, and continuing the dialogue on present and future issues.

SOPHIA's Candidate Forum