DREAM Act Voice

Our ESTHER and JOSHUA colleagues have moved Representative Kagen to vote YES on the DREAM Act! 

Our calls DO make a difference!  Our actions for justice DO make a difference!

Keep up the good work.  Continue your calls:

Senator Russell Feingold - Sen. Feingold
D.C. Phone: 202-224-5323 Local Phone: 608-828-1200

Senator Herb Kohl - Sen. Kohl
D.C. Phone: 202-224-5653 Local Phone: 414-297-4451

Representative Tammy Baldwin
2d District - Rep. Baldwin
D.C. Phone: 202-225-2906 Local Phone: 608-258-9808

Representative Steve Kagan
8th District - Rep. Kagen
D.C. Phone: 202/225-5729  Local Phone: (920) 437-1954

Representative Ron Kind
3d District - Rep. Kind
D.C. Phone: 202-225-5506 Local Phone: 608-782-2558

Representative Gwen Moore

4th District - Rep. Moore

D.C. Phone: 202-225-4572 Local Phone: 414-297-1140

Representative Thomas Petri
6th District - Rep. Petri
D.C. Phone: 202-225-2476 Local Phone: 920-922-1180

Representative David Obey
7th District - Rep. Obey
D.C. Phone: 202-225-3365 Local Phone: 715-842-5606

Representative Paul Ryan
1st District - Rep. Ryan
D.C. Phone: 202-225-3031 Local Phone: 608-752-4050

Representative F. James Sensenbrenner
5th District - Rep. Sensenbrenner
D.C. Phone: 202-225-5101 Local Phone: 262-784-111

Senate Minority Leader McConnell: (202) 224-2541

Senator McCain: (202) 224-2235

Senator Graham:  (202) 224-5972

Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121


In peace, Barbara
Sister Barbara Pfarr, SSND