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Join us for the SOPHIA Religious Leaders Breakfast

Thursday February 7 from 8:30 – 10:00 a.m. at Ascension Lutheran Church (1415 Dopp Street) in Waukesha.

Our speaker will be Cynthia Gannon, principal of Whittier Elementary School in Waukesha. Principal Gannon will talk to us about the challenges of public education in light of recent legislative budget cuts, union bargaining reforms, and the changing face of the students our schools serve.

We will have time for enjoying a good breakfast, conversation with colleagues and discussion with Principal Gannon. The cost will be $5/person at the door.

RSVP to admin@sophiawaukesha.org by February 1st.

Listen to Each Other

As members of religious communities, we know that two different people can regularly attend worship and never have a deep conversation. SOPHIA invites your congregation to participate in a Lenten (or Spring) Listening Campaign whose goal is to build relationships between congregation members. The goal is to reach a deeper understanding of individual's and a congregation's gifts, interests and needs.

During the first training held January 13th, representatives from religious communities learned more about the Listening Campaign. If your congregation was unable to attend the first training, but wants to participate, please contact Betty Groenewold or Pastor Amy Becker through the emails below.
Those leaders will recruit as many listeners as you'd like. Ideally, the job of each listening would be to have a conversation with 6-10 fellow congregation members, so the number of listeners (anywhere from 5 to 25) would depend on your congregation's goal. We will hold two options of training times for the listeners. The first would be Sunday, January 27th from 2-5pm at First Congregational UCC (100 E Broadway, Waukesha), and the second would be Saturday, February 2nd from 9am-noon at First Congregational UCC.

The actual Listening Campaign would be structured to last from February 13th through March 31st, and then in April we will gather together again to debrief the experience.

Please contact Bev Bradford (bevj.bradford@gmail.com), Betty Groenewold (bjgroenewold@gmail.com) or Pastor Amy Becker (pastor.amy.becker@gmail.com) to RSVP your congregation and with any questions.