A Personal Reflection from Pat Faherty

    Last year, I bought tickets to the Prayer Breakfast, but my husband and I overslept and sadly missed the Prayer Breakfast.  This year, I made sure to set my alarm since I love going to the Prayer Breakfast.  For those of you that might have missed it, I thought I would let you know what you missed on a great day!
    The Prayer Breakfast this year was held at the Southminister Presbyterian Church in Waukesha.  The ladies of the church cooked for us a great breakfast while we heard music from the Ascension Lutheran Folk Praise Band.  They were wonderful.  There was a huge silent auction, where I offered the winning bid on so many items my husband wished I had overslept.
I reconnected with many old friends, and met some new friends at the tables while eating.  Meeting new people is the neat thing about the prayer breakfast, the people you meet there are fabulous people, involved in their communities and you really do want to get to know them.
    The 2013 SOPHIA Yearbook was available, so I spent some time looking at the articles about what SOPHIA has been working on in the past year.  I am always amazed to look back and see God working in the issues that were so hard at the time, and to realize that each time I go to a SOPHIA meeting, we are making a difference.
    The keynote speaker was Marilyn Miller, an African American newly ordained Lutheran pastor.  She was so very inspiring I had to write down a lot of the comments from her speech.  Rev. Miller recommended reading ‘The Rebellious Life of Rosa Parks’ by Jeanne Theoharis.   This book shows that Rosa was working for social justice long before she decided to take action that day on the bus.  Rev. Miller quoted from Proverbs 24:17 where it says that one person can make a difference.  We have been given power to make a difference.  She also quoted Acts 1:8 - that God did not give us power to play small.  She said that failure is not the worst thing in the world, but not trying is worse.  Even achieving a small part is worth it.  But you cannot give up on seeing God’s justice reign in your lifetime.  Carry the torch of justice in this world.  My hope is you will carry the torch of justice in this world and never ever give up.  She was really great-in fact afterwards; I told her that she was awesome.
    SOPHIA then honored Pastor Amy Becker, Religious Leaders Caucus co-chair, who is leaving the Waukesha area as she gets married.
    We were brought up to date where SOPHIA is on current issues, through a report from each Task Force Chair.  The work goes on and we are called to keep going and to keep on passing the torch.
    I always know that I had a good day at the Prayer Breakfast when I realize that all of us are called to do the work in trying to make a positive change in this world.  This breakfast was no exception and I left feeling built up and remembering that we do make a difference each time we try to speak up when we need to.