Pewaukee Undocumented

Here we go, the City of Pewaukee Common Council has grabbed the Bible and wrapped themselves in the American flag.  They are on a crusade for law and order.  Tax payers rejoice! Police Captain Dan Meister wants to stop the drain on city resources.  City of Pewaukee Municipal Court Judge Gary Glojek is evidently one of those law creating, activist judges that law and order types don’t want taking over our judicial systemHe wants to be able to fine undocumented people found to be in the City of PewaukeeHe’s upset that our Federal government doesn’t have the resources to come and sweep up those that he deems are clogging up his court.  Alderman Dan Hathaway is quoting Romans 13: 1-5, in the first part of verse one instructs us all to obey the lawI believe that we need people of faith in our governmental bodies, but I really get uncomfortable when someone cites a single passage from the Bible to support their point of view.  I prefer to look at the Bible as a whole and that the message of love, compassion and justice should be our yardstick to guide us through life.  I took my Bible off the shelf and read Dan’s passage.  The second part of verse one of Romans 13 states that “there is no authority except from God.  Me personally, I would not want to be standing before God and say that I was doing His will by passing this law because I do not think He would agree.  I give Dan a lot of credit for courage because he does not seem too concerned about this.  But, if the Common Council persists in writing this law, my suggestion is to give it some real teeth and provide Captain Dan Meister the powerful tool he wants.  Include a substantial progressive fine for those employers in the City of Pewaukee that hire undocumented workersSince there would be no reason for undocumented people to be in the City of Pewaukee if there were no jobs for them, all Captain Meister would need to do is make a sweep through the businesses in the city and clear out the problem by arresting the people that hire undocumented workers.  It would be cheaper to do this than stopping cars one at a time because there are probably fewer businesses in the city of Pewaukee than cars that drive through the city on any one day.  Then there would be no drain on Captain Dan Meister’s budget and there would be no question of whether his police force is “targeting anybody unfairly.”  I was at the Common Council meeting on June 1stItem one on the agenda for the meeting was the Pledge of Allegiance.  It is my guess that this is always item one.  We all stood up and recited it from memory.  Mayor Scott Klein even remarked how good it sounded with so many people saying it.  When we recite words by memory, we tend to not think about the meaning, but we should.  If the Common Council persists in passing this ordinance they should either stop saying the Pledge of Allegiance to start their meetings or consider changing the wording of the pledge because “one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all” really wouldn’t be true in the City of PewaukeeI am a member of Sophia and I stood up to show my support for the citizens of the City of Pewaukee that were speaking out against this proposed action.  People of the City of Pewaukee, please stand up and tell your city government to stop this action.  Tell them that this is just wrong.