Prayer Breakfast & Fundraiser

Keynote Address: "Repairing Harm, Restoring Communities"

Frank Davis is the Organizer for MOSES (Madison Organizing in Strength, Equality, and Solidarity) and an outstanding leader in the community of Madison. Frank will share the story of regaining his freedom after close to 20 years in prison and reflect on how we as a community can begin the crucial and costly work of reconciliation in order to restore relationships and build the beloved community we hope for.

Event Schedule

8:30 AM


Catch up with friends, bid on silent auction items, and help yourself to breakfast at the buffet before the program officially begins.

9:15 AM


Welcome & Land Covenant

Celebrating 15 Years & SOPHIA Members

Reflection & Prayer

Keynote: “Repairing Harm, Restoring Communities”

Break: Silent Auction closes in 15 minutes

Looking to the Future

Call to Action

Closing Prayer

About Frank Davis

Frank Davis is the Organizer of MOSES and an outstanding leader in the community of Madison. As Organizer, he fights to bring awareness of issues in the criminal justice system (i.e. Solitary Confinement, Old Law, Revocation, etc.).

For the past 3 years Frank has worked with Prison Ministries of Wisconsin, traveling around the State erecting a life-sized model of the Solitary Confinement cell and speaking about the mental effects it has on the men and women inside and the family members who support them. Frank shares his first-hand account of spending more than 5 years in Solitary (3 years consecutively at Wisconsin’s old Super Max in Boscobel). He has a passion to give back to the community and be a catalyst of change within the criminal justice system and beyond.

After spending close to 20 years in prison, Frank prepared himself for a solid return to the community. He was able to acquire a job his second day out and since then he has not looked back. Frank has mentored young men dealing with drug addiction and life struggles at the Daily Report Center, encouraging them with stories of accomplishment and ways for positive thinking. For 2 years he was a freelance writer, publishing articles for UMOJA magazine and the Madison Times. He also went back to school, receiving his degree in the field of CNC Programming and Tool and Die.

After successfully completing 9 years of community supervision, Frank regained his freedom and voted for the first time at the age of 48. He recently welcomed a new baby girl into his household and is continues working to create change in his neighborhood and the community of Madison.