Upcoming Events

Social Justice Community Calendar

SOPHIA has officially launched a collaborative Social Justice Community Calendar! We worked together with Plowshare in Downtown Waukesha and additional organizations in Waukesha County will be invited to participate over the next couple of months. It is hoped that this will serve as a way for individuals interested in participating in social justice education and/or advocacy events and opportunities to find out when those are happening. Please bookmark or save the link to this calendar and check back often as new events will be added!

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Events

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is coming up soon! Check out this flyer for information about some excellent virtual events being hosted by organizations in Waukesha County. We hope you'll be able to attend one or more of these opportunities!

WI State Budget Events

WISDOM will be hosting a variety of different events related to the Wisconsin State Budget over the next couple of months. Check out their website for information including the topics, dates, times and how to register.

Meeting Calendar