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2024 SOPHIA Annual Report is Now Available

The 2024 SOPHIA Annual Report can now be read online. Click the link below to view it. Thank you to all of the businesses and individuals that chose to support this publication through placement of an advertisement! 

We hope you enjoy looking through it and feel free to share it with anyone who might be interested.

SOPHIA 2024 program WEB (1).pdf

SOPHIA Racial Equity Statement

Racial Equity is a Core Value of SOPHIA. Diverse voices, opinions, and ideas are actively encouraged and embraced by our organization. Our commitment to Racial Equity promotes a just, fair, respectful, and inclusive community for everyone in our organization and through Task Force actions - therefore, affecting the institution/policies we work to improve. 

SOPHIA is open and responsive to constructive feedback about racist attitudes or behaviors displayed within our organization, intentional or unintentional. Mistakes are forthrightly identified. We agree to graciously "call each other in" when needed to discuss mistakes and concerns. Patience, genuine caring, and compassion are practiced in our mutual effort to understand oppression, both overt and systemic. 

SOPHIA is characterized by an intentional identity as an antiracist organization. Our antiracist identity permeates our organizational culture, values, norms, and behaviors. Diverse racial, cultural, and economic groups enjoy full participation and shared power in all aspects of our mission, structure, policies, and practices. People of color lead the work we do and are always involved in the decision-making process. 

SOPHIA embraces and champions policies that provide for individual dignity and dismantle structural racism in Waukesha County. We strive to build clear lines of accountability to people of color and racially oppressed communities that may be directly impacted by our work. We strive for racial liberation and social justice. We embrace diversity as a gift and believe everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and inclusivity.

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SOPHIA is a 501(c)(3) organization. Staffing costs and related expenses are funded by dues, grants, sustaining member contributions and fund-raising events. Charitable contributions to SOPHIA are tax deductible. 

Waukesha County Emergency Rental Assistance Program

Waukesha County, in partnership with Community Advocates, Inc., is administering an Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) to help people experiencing financial hardship to stay in their homes because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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